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An Immersive Meditation Journey

Maloka helps you build and maintain a meditation practice through world immersion, experiential learning, and guided experiences.

A Game to Build Practice

Maloka provides a beautiful, rich and playful healing experience like nothing before it – backed by science.

grow your island

Fill your island with intention – from plants to sculptures – each reward enables new interactions, allowing for infinite possibilities.


The Maloka Vortex is guided by beautiful visuals. Sessions build with experience to maximize activation of low Beta and Theta brain waves to induce a flow.

choose your spirit guide

Evolving with your Spirit is fun! As you meditate, your spirit evolves from cute and clueless to mindful and mighty.

Using Maloka

Track your Progress and Nurture your Spirit with Maloka Mobile.

Maloka Mobile makes it easy to keep up with your island and spirit guide while on the go.